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ASIS Assets Protection Course™: Practical Applications (APC II)

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23 - 26 May 2016
Westin Riverwalk San Antonio

Transform Security Theories into Action

Your grasp of the fundamental concepts of asset protection is solid. Are you confident that you can now flawlessly execute this knowledge when confronted with a constant barrage of industry challenges?

In this course, nationally esteemed instructors guide you through real-life case studies and provide proven solutions, tactical best practices, and effective field-tested strategies. Gain conceptual insights from various points-of-view on current trends and developing methodologies for successfully mitigating risks. The program will cover a wide range of critical topics every security expert must be well versed on including: financial forensic investigations, violence risk assessments, workplace interrogation techniques, and organizational communication.

New Session Just Added
Inside a Terrorists Mind: Radicalization, Ideology, and Terrorism in the Middle East
This presentation will provide an introduction and understanding of radical Islam, Shari’a law, the ideology of Jihad in Islam, and the global influence and regional control of the Islamic State in Iraq and Al Shaam (ISIS).

The speaker is a Counterterrorism Intelligence Analyst for the CIAC and subject matter expert on international terrorism and known for providing strategic intelligence products and documents to inform of potential international and domestic threats throughout the federal, state, local , law enforcement, and emergency management communities.

Topics for discussion will include the ideology, leadership structure, and funding of certain Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) and radical groups, the radicalization process for both domestic and foreign-born extremists, and how social media are influencing the next generation of terrorists, especially women. In this must-attend session, you will learn to think about policy and threat assessments and implement strategies.


New Session Just Added
Cyber Security Management
It seems almost weekly the media broadcasts stories of cyber-attacks, hacks, or crimes within the United States. Cyberspace has a massive appeal to competitors for collecting intelligence—the risk of being caught is low, the payoff of success is great, and the tactics are faster and cheaper than other methods of espionage.


This presentation by Matthew T. Woodward, Director of Intelligence at Darkwood, will detail the threats and factors posed within cyberspace and offer best practices for protecting your infrastructure. Throughout this dynamic session you will gain knowledge you need to assess your risk and improve resiliency.


Registration Fees

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 Immediate Benefits

  • Learn strategies that create value within the business section
  • Become a stakeholder in your organization with expertise on security management.
  • Understand the various disciplines and how they integrate into security activities
  • Discuss challenges facing security professionals and best practices
  • Develop practical fact-finding skills for effectively communicating within an organization

 Who Should Attend

•Security executives and managers
•Individuals with direct or indirect responsibility for security—particularly human resources, facilities, and legal personnel
•Supervisors of security personnel and proprietary operations
•Professionals moving into security management positions regardless of experience
•Individuals transitioning from the public to the private sector
•Managers who oversee the discharge of security services and personnel

 Program Overview

New Session: Inside a Terrorists Mind: Radicalization, Idealogy, and Terrorism in the Middle East
This presentation will provide an introduction and understanding of radical Islam, Shari'a law, the ideology of Jihad in Islam, and the global influence and regional control of the Islamic State in Iraq and Al Shaam (ISIS). 

New Session: Cyber Security Management
This presentation by Matthew T. Woodward, Director of Intelligence at Darkwood, will detail the threats and factors posed within cyberspace and offer best practices for protecting your infrastructure. 

Employment Law for the Security Professional
Keep the law on your side and get answers to questions that matter. Focus on expanding your knowledge of employment law minefields—including EEO, ADA, ADEA, and FMLA—as well as issues of negligent hiring, retention, and training. Get updates on employment law decisions affecting all employees, with emphasis on cases involving security professionals.

Financial Forensic Investigations
Revolutionize your skills to locate, document, and recover assets effectively using public records and commercial databases and apply your findings via the legal system to effectuate recovery. Learn to apply the "badges of fraud" to recover fraudulently conveyed assets and become a profit center for your employer or clients.

Violence Risk Assessment
Move beyond the general structure of workplace violence programs and address the practical aspects of the behavioral underpinnings of violence. Learn about behavioral warning signs as well as practical assessment and intervention strategies that are grounded in both psychological literature and diverse experience. This session encompasses the ASIS/SHRM Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Standard.

Interrogation Techniques for the Workplace
Videotapes of actual interviews and interrogations are used to: discuss the interrogation process, beginning with how to initiate the confrontation; develop the theme; stop denials; overcome objections; and use the alternative question to stimulate an admission.

Investigations in the Workplace
Proper and ethical investigations are complex undertakings that are time consuming and fraught with enormous potential for legal liability. When done properly, they combine an intricate mixture of skill, experience, and luck. Few activities invoke so much risk and at the same time yield so much opportunity. Examine the intricacies of conducting proper and effective workplace investigations and review how to traverse the legal minefields and traps inherent in the process. Learn how to use the Process of Investigation® in order to yield the best results and obtain the highest ROI of time and resources.

Organizational Development for Security Professionals
Discuss concepts for applying behavioral science principles and practices in organizations as a means to increase individual and organizational effectiveness in security management. Then apply these valuable concepts through a case study exercise and interactive discussion.

Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders
Understand the importance of having an articulated strategic process when assuming a new leadership role. Discover sound methods to maximize your effectiveness as a leader by recognizing how your actions can influence organizational relationships and how you can diagnose the business environment.

Information Security
Review what makes information valuable and why an organization should protect it. Discuss market leverage, support to mission, safety of personnel, ROI, protection of assets, regulations, and laws. Learn how to protect information in physical and electronic forms.

 Hours, Fees, & Hotels

Fees include daily continental breakfast, a networking reception, refreshment breaks, a custom manual, and a CD with relevant chapters from Protection of Assets (POA). Hotel costs are not included.

Early-Bird Ends March 26, 2016

Early-Bird Fees:
$1,170 member
$1,470 nonmember

After Early-Bird Fees:
$1,270 member
$1,570 nonmember

Registration Hours:
5:00-6:00 pm

7:00 am -4:30 pm

Program Hours:

8:00 am-4:30 pm

8:00 am-12:00 noon

Hotel Information:
Westin Riverwalk Hotel
420 Market Street
San Antonio, TX  78205

Book your room online or call 1.888.627.8395 and be sure to mention ASIS for the special room rate of $179 single/double(plus tax).  It will be honored until May 3, 2016 or until the room block is full.


Team Discount:
Receive a 10% discount when three to five attendees register from the same organization, 15% for six or more. Email for details.


Certification Discount:
ASIS members and nonmembers holding the distinction of CPP, PCI, and PSP receive a $25 discount per classroom program. This discount is automatically applied at checkout.


Dr James S Cawood, CPP, PCI, PSP
  • Dr James S Cawood, CPP, PCI, PSP
  • President
  • Factor One
  • San Leandro CA, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0

Bio: Mr. Cawood is President of Factor One and for over 25 years has specialized in threat assessment, violence risk assessment, behavioral analysis, security consulting, and investigations. He holds a Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology and has successfully assessed and managed over 4000 violence related cases. He is the former Association President of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP). He has written extensively on the topic of violence risk assessment, including a co-authored chapter: Threat Management of Stalking Cases in The Psychology of Stalking: Clinical and Forensic Perspectives, published by Academic Press in 1998. He also co-authored a book, Violence Assessment and Intervention: The Practitioner's Handbook, CRC Press 2003 & a 2nd Edition 2009.
Mr Eugene F Ferraro, CPP, PCI
  • Mr Eugene F Ferraro, CPP, PCI
  • Chief Executive
  • ForensicPathways, Inc.
  • Colleagues: 0

Bio: Mr. Eugene F. Ferraro is the founder of Convercent, Inc. He has been involved in the study of organizational culture, governance and compliance for over 30 years. He has been a member of ASIS International since 1987 and currently serves as the Program Advisor for the PCI Review course. He is a member of the ASIS International Standards and Guidelines Commission. He is the author of nine books and frequently speaks and trains on the topics of CGC, culture management and unethical behavior in the workplace. He is board certified in both Security Management and Human Resources Management.
Mr Carlos L. Guzman, CPP
  • Mr Carlos L. Guzman, CPP
  • President
  • Etica Security
  • Highlands Ranch CO, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0

Ms Katherine H Pherson
  • Ms Katherine H Pherson
  • CEO
  • Pherson Associates
  • Great Falls VA, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0

Bio: Katherine Hibbs Pherson, author of Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence, co-chairs the Intelligence and National Security Alliance’s Security Policy Reform Council. As CEO of Pherson Associates, she promotes analytic techniques and critical thinking in government and private industry. During 27 years at CIA, she led the adoption of risk management methodologies, strengthened overseas security countermeasures, and managed the IC’s role in rebuilding the penetrated US Embassy in Moscow. Ms. Pherson earned an A.B. from Vassar College and M.A.’s from the Universities of Illinois and Oklahoma. She received the CIA's Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal and the IC’s National Distinguished Service Medal.
Ms Judith Winters Spain
  • Ms Judith Winters Spain
  • Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
  • Manhattanville College
  • Purchase NY, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0

Mr Matthew Woodward
  • Mr Matthew Woodward
  • Director of Intelligence & Founder
  • Darkwood
  • New Orleans LA, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0