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Security Practices in a High Rise Environment

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05 - 06 May 2014
Sofitel Watertower Place Chicago


Modern high rise security in a post-9/11 world

High rise security’s defining moment
happened when the 9/11 terrorists destroyed New York’s Twin Towers. The disaster forced a redefinition of the strategic fundamentals used to protect commercial and residential high rises.

A high rise is exposed to all the normal security risks of a street-level structure including crime, vandalism, and disturbances. But, the uniqueness of its physical stature calls for a different protection approach. Tall buildings house a high population in a concentrated area. Movement is restricted to elevators and stairwells. Limited entrances and exits cause another safety concern. The swell of humanity and numerous corridors provide anonymity for plotting criminals and terrorists. From underground garages to the roof, a successful high rise security plan tackles challenges literally from the ground up.

Solidify your fundamental knowledge of protecting tall buildings. This comprehensive program covers access control, proper utilization of security personnel, emergency preparedness, customer service expectations, fire life safety systems, and building evacuations.

Sponsored by the ASIS Commercial Real Estate Council and the Security Services Council


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 Immediate Benefits

​See prestigious high-rise security programs in action.

Gain information on how to handle workplace firearms, especially when impacted by concealed carry legislation.

Develop ways of controlling access within a mixed-use high-rise environment.

Learn the common mistakes when choosing a security contractor.

Prepare yourself for weather related emergencies.

Learn how to improve the customer service skills of your personnel.

Advance your knowledge of fire life safety systems and evacuations.

 Who Should Attend

• Security officers

• Security directors/managers

• Life safety directors
• Property managers

• Facility supervisors

 Program Overview

Site Visit
Visit Willis Tower—North America's tallest building and a bustling community of business, tourism and culture!
Firearms in the Workplace and Changes to Building Security
Just because a business is located in a high-rise building does not change the concept of a proprietor/owner having a handgun to protect his business (as long as it is done legally). The prevalence of legalized Concealed Carry presents unique issues. Will Permitted Carry change your building’s policy on firearms, if the building has a policy? Will your building ban firearms by placing signage in windows and doors? This sessions covers some suggested security procedures regarding tenant calls for “a man with gun on our floor / in the lobby” and who will need to handle these calls for service.
Access in a Mixed-use High Rise
Learn how access for a mixed-use high rise building has evolved from using paper, pencil and manual locks into a sophisticated and complex process of blending technology, physical devices, and architectural design. Hear about the major events that changed the way security professionals currently look at securing a high rise building.
Selecting a Uniformed Security Contractor for a Commercial Real Estate Environment
Since one of the most important functions for any leader is selecting the right personnel to carry out the organization’s goals, as security professionals, we need to get the contractor selection process right. Many times security professionals lose sight of this need when selecting a provider. This session provides insights and guidance on selecting a contractor from a list of bidders and preparing a good specification document. It helps to frame considerations of how the contractor selects personnel, their standards of training, and personnel management practices. Other aspects of contractor evaluation will be discussed to include contractor billing processes and methods of bid comparison and evaluations.
Emergency Preparedness for Weather Related Emergencies
The National Weather Service has just issued a severe weather alert for your area, which could bring flood warnings and tornado watch conditions. Winds are predicted to reach over 70 MPH with the possibility of large hail. Are you prepared to handle such a storm? Do you have an emergency response plan established for severe weather conditions? If so, how would you direct your team members? How would you prepare your building? Most importantly, what measures would you employ to keep your tenants, guests, and employees safe from worsening conditions? In this session, we will cover those steps necessary to prepare for, respond to, and recover from severe weather emergencies. Severe weather emergencies can test any seasoned security and property management professional, but there are best practices one can incorporate into their response plans to mitigate damages and reduce down times.
Customer Service in Security
We expect strong customer service skills from our security staff members. Their friendly smiles, warm welcome, and presence in our lobbies make our tenants and guests feel recognized and important. Developing great customer service behavior from our security staff is not an easy task. We’ll discuss how to identify strong service traits in applicants, provide training tips for improving poor customer service skills, and discuss why these skills are so vital to your building’s overall safety and security.
High Rise Building Evacuations
When not performed correctly, high rise evacuations can be a dangerous process. Many variables such as building design, use, density, type of emergency, location of emergency, and more need to be considered. Evacuations need to be planned, controlled, and practiced prior to an actual event. This session discusses how evacuations from high rises differ from other types of buildings, considerations unique to high rises, fire life safety code compliance, procedure development, personnel requirements, and training.
The State of High-Rise Building Security and Life Safety
Commercial high-rises, such as office buildings, hotels, and residential facilities, are exposed to a variety of security and life safety threats in today’s increasingly hostile world. This session examines why such occupancies are unique and discusses industry best practices. It also touches upon some operational changes that may impact these facilities in the future.
Mobile Security Officer Technology in the Commercial High Rise Industry
This session covers what you should look for in a mobile solution, the ROI, and industry best practices. Learn how you can best leverage mobile security officer technology to increase efficiency, awareness, and response. Today’s security requires more than a two-way radio, notebook, and pen.
Panel Discussion and Evaluations


Mr Richard L Ballard
  • Mr Richard L Ballard
  • Vice President
  • Enforce Global
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Mobile Security Officer Technology in the High Rise Industry

Mr Louis G Caravelli, CPP
  • Mr Louis G Caravelli, CPP
  • President
  • Louis G. Caravelli, CPP
  • Palatine IL, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Unarmed Contract Security Officers and Tenants with Firearms in the Workplace

Mr Geoffrey T Craighead, CPP
  • Mr Geoffrey T Craighead, CPP
  • Vice President, Field Training & Development
  • Allied Universal
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Fire Life Safety Systems in High Rise Buildings

Bio: Geoff Craighead, CPP, BSCP, Vice President, Universal Protection Service, has extensive experience in the management of the security and life safety operations of commercial high-rise facilities. Geoff is board certified in security management, as a certified protection professional (CPP), by ASIS International, accredited as a building security certified professional (BSCP) by the American Society of Civil Engineers, and certified by the Los Angeles Fire Department to provide high-rise life safety services. He is Chairman of the Board for ASIS International, a member of the NFPA High-Rise Building Safety Advisory Committee, and author of the reference book High-Rise Security and Fire Life Safety, 3rd ed., published by Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann.
Bio: Security executive with extensive experience in security management and contract security. For 34 years he has been involved with the security and life safety operations of facilities in Hong Kong and North America. He is a content expert in security operations and crisis management for corporate campus and commercial high-rise facilities and a published author and qualified expert witness in high-rise security, fire life safety, and emergency planning.
Mr LaNile R Dalcour
  • Mr LaNile R Dalcour
  • Security Director
  • Brookfield Properties
  • Washington DC, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Emergency preparedness for weather related emergencies.

Bio: LaNile Dalcour is a 21 year veteran in commercial real estate, life safety and security. LaNile is the Security Director for Brookfield Properties covering the DC, Virginia and Maryland regions security and life safety program, also as Brookfield’s National Training Coordinator. For 8 years LaNile worked at the world renowned Sears Tower, served a rotation as FEMA’s Private Sector Representative during spring and summer of 2011. LaNile is a board member on AOBA’s Emergency Preparedness Committee, a member of ASIS and serves as Chairman of ASIS Commercial Real Estate Council.
Mr R William Leap, CPP
  • Mr R William Leap, CPP
  • Vice President
  • Titan Security Services, Inc.
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: HIgh Rise Building Evacuations

Mr James C Taff, CPP
  • Mr James C Taff, CPP
  • CEO
  • Premier Security | Apex3 Security | Apex3 Systems
  • Libertyville IL, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Customer Service in Security

Mr Carlos Villarreal
  • Mr Carlos Villarreal
  • Senior Vice President
  • Comerical Real Estate
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Access in a mixed-use High Rise

Bio: Mr. Villarreal, CST has over 33 years of experience working in the commercial real estate space. He is nationally recognized as an expert in class "A" high-rise buildings, specializing in physical security, emergency management and training. He is a sought–after speaker and trainer for clients, building tenants and trade association. In his current position he oversees all aspects of SecurAmerica LLC commercial real estate business throughout the United States. He is a Certified Security Trainer, serves as the membership chair for ASIS Commercial Real Estate Council and a former US Marine.
Mr Paul M Wilson, CPP
  • Mr Paul M Wilson, CPP
  • Executive Vice President
  • Apex3 Security
  • Streamwood IL, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0

Mr Mark T Wright
  • Mr Mark T Wright
  • Security Director-Houston Region
  • Brookfield Property Partners
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Selecting a Uniformed Security Contractor for a Commercial Real Estate Environment

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