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ASIS Assets Protection Course II: Practical Applications (TM)

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13 - 16 May 2013
Westin la Paloma

Knowing how to apply principles is the key

Nationally recognized and respected instructors discuss real-life cases, proven solutions, best practices, and field-tested strategies.

Enrich your professional skills and knowledge so you are competently prepared to responsibly meet the challenges and dynamics facing our industry. Benefit from the various views on tactical and strategic security trends, developments, and processes. Engage with the presenters and fellow attendees on ideologies, concepts, and methodologies utilized for mitigating security risks. The critical topics covered in this program will be: employment law for security professionals; financial forensic investigations; violence risk assessment; interrogation techniques in the workplace; investigations in the workplace; organizational development concepts; critical success strategies for new leaders; information security; behavioral psychology for a workplace environment; human resources; communication; and information technology.

APC Series 

Program Brochure (PDF)

Program Advisor: Philip S. Deming, CPP, CFE, SPHR
President, Philip S. Deming and Associates
King of Prussia, PA
Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado Lifetime Achievement Award
Eugene F. Ferraro, CPP, PCI, a member of the faculty for this program, has been honored with this award which is given to an exemplary individual who has been in the business of private investigations for a minimum of 25 years, demonstrated notable leadership in the industry and who has provided mentorship, instruction and/or a unique investigative service over the span of his/her entire career.

Registration Fees

 Pertinent Information

 Immediate Benefits

  • Enhance your professional development.
  • Learn to be a strategic partner with a focus on security management.
  • Define concepts that create value within the business setting.
  • Discuss best practices in security.
  • Build professional competencies that meet the challenges facing security professionals.
  • Understand the various disciplines and how they are integrated into security activities.
  • Develop practical skills for fact-finding and effectively communicating within an organization.

 Who Should Attend

  • Security executives and managers
  • Individuals with direct or indirect responsibility for security—particularly human resources, facilities, and legal personnel
  • Supervisors of security personnel and proprietary operations
  • Professionals moving into security management positions regardless of experience
  • Individuals transitioning from the public to the private sector
  • Managers who oversee the discharge of security services and personnel

 Program Overview

Employment Law for the Security Professional
Keep the law on your side and get answers to questions that matter. Focus on expanding your knowledge of employment law minefields—including EEO, ADA, ADEA, and FMLA—as well as issues of negligent hiring, retention, and training. Get updates on employment law decisions affecting all employees, with emphasis on cases involving security professionals.
Financial Forensic Investigations
Revolutionize your skills to locate, document, and recover assets effectively using public records and commercial databases and apply your findings via the legal system to effectuate recovery. Learn to apply the "badges of fraud" to recover fraudulently conveyed assets and become a profit center for your employer or clients.
Violence Risk Assessment
Move beyond the general structure of workplace violence programs and address the practical aspects of the behavioral underpinnings of violence. Learn about behavioral warning signs as well as practical assessment and intervention strategies that are grounded in both psychological literature and diverse experience. This session encompasses the ASIS/SHRM Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Standard.
Interrogation Techniques for the Workplace
Videotapes of actual interviews and interrogations are used to: discuss the interrogation process, beginning with how to initiate the confrontation; develop the theme; stop denials; overcome objections; and use the alternative question to stimulate an admission.
Investigations in the Workplace
Proper and ethical investigations are complex undertakings that are time consuming and fraught with enormous potential for legal liability. When done properly, they combine an intricate mixture of skill, experience, and luck. Few activities invoke so much risk and at the same time yield so much opportunity. Examine the intricacies of conducting proper and effective workplace investigations and review how to traverse the legal minefields and traps inherent in the process. Learn how to use the Process of Investigation® in order to yield the best results and obtain the highest ROI of time and resources.
Organizational Development for Security Professionals
Discuss concepts for applying behavioral science principles and practices in organizations as a means to increase individual and organizational effectiveness in security management. Then apply these valuable concepts through a case study exercise and interactive discussion.
Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders
Understand the importance of having an articulated strategic process when assuming a new leadership role. Discover sound methods to maximize your effectiveness as a leader by recognizing how your actions can influence organizational relationships and how you can diagnose the business environment.
Information Security
Review what makes information valuable and why an organization should protect it. Discuss market leverage, support to mission, safety of personnel, ROI, protection of assets, regulations, and laws. Learn how to protect information in physical and electronic forms.


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 Hours, Fees, & Hotels

Registration Hours
7:00 am-8:00 am
Program Hours
8:00 am-4:30 pm
8:00 am-noon
Registration Fees
Early Bird
On or before March 15
     After March 15
Note: Attend APC II and APC III in the same calendar year and receive a 10% rebate on APC III.
The Registration Fee includes a daily continental breakfast, refreshment breaks, and a networking reception, a custom manual, and a CD with relevant chapters from Protection of Assets (POA). Hotel costs are not included.
The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa
3800 East Sunrise Drive
Tucson, Arizona 85718
Be sure to mention ASIS International when requesting the special room rate of $159 single/double (plus tax). The price will be honored until April 30, or until the room block is full. The resort fees have been waived a savings of $20 per night, included are 2 pages of incoming fax, self-parking, unlimited admission to WestinWorkout and complimentary shuttle service to La Encantada Shopping Center.


Team Discount:
Receive a 10% discount when three to five attendees register from the same organization, 15% for six or more. Email for details.

Certification Discount:
ASIS members and nonmembers holding the distinction of CPP, PCI, and PSP receive a $25 discount per classroom program. This discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Rental Car Discount:

Contact Dollar at +1.866.542.2303, extension 2 or; reference code CM0140. FL rentals reference code CMO135.

Multi-course Rebate:
Attend APC II and APC III in the same calendar year, and you may be eligible for a 10% rebate on the APC III registration fee. Contact the Meeting Manager while attending APC III to request your rebate. Qualifying participants will receive the rebate within three weeks after the conclusion of APC-III.