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Certificate Programs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between “certification” and a “certificate?”

The CPP, PCI, and PSP are Board Certifications—recognized around the world—that denote mastery of a body of knowledge as well as a minimum number of years of experience. Maintaining certification requires ongoing learning.

A certificate shows that an individual has successfully met a series of requirements around a specific content area.

What is the value of an ASIS certificate?

A certificate is ideal for young professionals who want to demonstrate knowledge in a particular subject.

Earning a certificate demonstrates a certain level of seriousness, dedication, and commitment to the security profession that appeals to employers.

Certificate programs contribute to a foundation for relevant ASIS Board Certification.

The expanding role of security professionals requires talents from professional areas that may fall outside traditional security content areas. Certificates are evidence of knowledge of a given topic. For example, an engineer may acquire a physical security certificate to demonstrate knowledge of designing technology for security situations.

Certificates provide professionals new to the security field with evidence of knowledge in a particular content area. For example, former military and law enforcement professionals may acquire certificates to demonstrate how their experience translates to the private sector.

What will I need to do to get a certificate?

Each certificate has its own attendance criteria. All certificates require successful completion of an online Certificate Exam.

Classroom courses are a common way to meet the requirements for most certificates. Additional reading or other assignments may be required as a prerequisite for testing.

In some cases, work experience or previous course work may be required.

Can I take the test without the course work?

No. Certificates require participation in relevant programs. The Certificate Exam measures the knowledge acquired in a program or course.

Will there be a charge for the Certificate Program and/or Certificate Exam?

Certificate Programs will charge traditional classroom and course material fees. The Certificate Exam fee an additional fee $75. A certificate will be awarded when the Certificate Exam is passed. The certificate can be downloaded from the learning management portal at

Can I earn CPEs for the courses I take for a certificate?

Yes. Each course awards CPE credit on a 50-minute hour of qualified class instruction.