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Certificate Program Development - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take after submission?

The process may take up to two months. The Certificate committee schedules monthly meetings to review applications submitted. After each meeting, applicants will be notified as to the status of their application. Applicants may be asked to revise their application or complete Part 2 of the application process.

Who owns the course content?

The course content will be owned by the developer and will share exclusive licensing rights with ASIS to host this particular course. After the agreed amount of time stated in the contractual agreement, the course developer and ASIS may continue in its partnership as it stands or renegotiate. ASIS will give the original course developer the first option for contracts for educational programs requested on this topic. Those contracts will be made under the existing parameters for contract training programs that ASIS currently has in place.

Does ASIS provide any marketing of programs offered?

ASIS will work with the certificate developer and/or instructor(s) to promote and market the program. This may include mailing of brochures, email campaigns, personalized emails, social media postings, posting on the ASIS calendar, posting on chapter calendars, etc.

Does the Certificate Program have to be developed by a group of people?

Anyone (individual, group, company, council) can develop a course and submit the application to ASIS to be considered to become a certificate course.

Where do I send the completed certificate application(s)?

Please send your application to