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Reference Materials for the PCI and PSP Exams

Before an item—or question—is live and scoreable on the exam, it goes through a rigorous, multi-layered process.

First, it's written by a subject matter expert and the correct answer is sourced to one of the reference materials. Next, it's reviewed by a panel of other experts; then it's pre-tested on the exam (i.e., it doesn't count on your score). Finally, if the item has successfully gone through all these steps, it is made live (scoreable) on the exam. This process can take up to a year.

In the meantime, and because ASIS has many more live items than needed for each exam, our item review panels simply re-reference existing items to the updated reference materials. If the panel can find a reference in the new materials, it is re-referenced; if they can't, the item is "retired."

This means, until new items are written and reviewed (probably not until January 2018 at the earliest), ASIS has not changed the exam questions. This also means that you can study using either the current reference materials or the updated reference material.