New PCB members

Henry Garcia, CPP, Midwest Regional Director for Guidepost Solutions LLC, has served in senior security management positions for organizations in the banking, utility and security consulting industries. He has 20+ years of consultancy experience and a comprehensive understanding of the security industry on all aspects of security program management and development. Garcia is adept at not only meeting clients’ strategic planning needs through the performance of comprehensive risk assessments and the development of security policies, procedures, and standards, but also at assisting them with the implementation of effective physical security programs by providing design and engineering, contractor selection, and construction management services. He is a member of IAHSS and the ASIS Commercial Real Estate Council.

Myrah ​Kirkwood, CPP, has 30+ years of security experience in the private and public sector. She began her career in law enforcement and after attaining the rank of Sergeant, transitioned to corporate industrial security. Currently an Area Manager (Asset Protection) for AT&T Corp, Kirkwood's responsibilities include: protecting corporate assets, investigation of internal & external offenses relative to fraud, workplace violence, thefts, and email/internet violations. She also manages the development and implementation of security policy, standards, guidelines and procedures to ensure ongoing maintenance of security programs and strategies. In addition, Kirkwood liaisons with local, state and federal law enforcement and other government agencies.

Brian Reich, CPP, is a seasoned security manager and investigator with 20+ years of experience in law enforcement and the private sector. Currently the Director of Security Operations for Time Warner Cable, he is charged with oversight of the North Eastern United States. In this position, Reich oversees corporate investigations, physical security, guard force operations, law enforcement relationships and threats against company personnel and assets. Previously, he worked in the Corporate Investigations Division of Prudential Financial and as the Deputy Chief of the Bergen County, New Jersey Sheriff’s Office where he oversaw the Bureau of Criminal Investigation. During two decades in law enforcement, Reich served as a Detective in various specialized Units to include the County Prosecutor’s Office Special Victims Squad, Computer Crimes, and Major Crimes Squads. He has served as chairman of the ASIS Law Enforcement Liaison Council and was recently appointed to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's Board of Director’s Law Enforcement & Operations Committee.

Francisco ​Tranchesi, CPP, PSP, has 30+ years of diversified and complex security experience. Currently, he serves as the Head of Health, Safety, and Security in Latin America for Nokia Solutions and Networks, with responsiblity for crisis management, effectiveness and business continuity planning; information security awareness; executive protection planning; physical security planning and efficiency; supply chain and cargo planning; and various security services centered on permanent cost reduction efforts that do not jeopardize business operations. Previously, Tranchesi served as a security manager for American Express and Hewlett Packard in Brazil and surrounding Latin American regions. He has strong knowledge of ISO 14000 and 27000 programs and is experienced in managing company security standards within the regions that oversee and conduct audits to ensure compliance with standards and internal controls. Related affiliations include liaison activities for national and international law enforcement organizations as well as with Brand Integrity colleagues from other regions. Tranchesi is a former ASIS RVP and SRVP and holds membership in the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), Associação Brasileira de Profissionais de Segurança (ABSEG), and Technology Asset Protection Association (TAPA).