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New CPE Requirements - FAQ

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When will the new recertification guide be implemented?
  • The new recertification guide will be effective January 1, 2015, at which point CPE requirements will be standardized for all certification programs. Each designation holder, regardless of the certification, must earn 60 CPEs every 3 years to fulfill their recertification requirements.
Why change the requirements?
  • This update ensures the recertification requirements are inclusive of management-related activities and volunteer service, which had been inadmissible for PCIs and PSPs in the past.   
Do I still need to submit a separate recertification form for all certification programs?
  • Yes, but standardization streamlines the process. As in the past, simply match the related activity to the respective domain of study.  
Is there a change to the lapsed policy procedures?
  • No, the lapsed policy for reinstating a certification after one year remains the same. The revised Recertification Guide provides complete details.
Will there be a new fee structure?
  • No, recertification fees will not change. 
What are the restrictions?
  • As with the CPP designation, volunteer activities may account for up to 50% of total recertification credits for all programs. A minimum of 50% of recertification activities must be acquired through forms of educational activities. All activities must relate to security as defined by the Domains/Task/Knowledge statements for each program. 
When do I convert my CPEs from 45 to 60 if my recertification date is not December 30, 2014?
  • If your 3-year term ends in December 2014, conversion to the required 60 CPE term will be automatic. There will be a special phase-in period for individuals whose 3-year term ended December 2012 and are due to recertify in December 2015. See the guide below:
​Recertification Expires ​New Recertification Date ​Required CPEs
​December 2012 ​December 2015 ​45* special phase-in period
​December 2013 ​December 2016 ​60
December 2014​ ​December 2017 ​60