What is a "recertification term"?

The recertification term is the period of time between passing the CPP®, PCI®, or PSP® examination, and the deadline for submitting sufficient credits to recertify. Recertification requires earning 60 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits every three years. Keep in mind that recertification terms always expire at the end of the third full calendar year (December 31).

How many CPE credits are required to maintain my certification?

To renew your certification, you must earn and report 60 CPE hours during your three-year term. ASIS encourages you to report your CPEs in your online account as you earn them rather than waiting three years to track down your activities and supporting documentation.

How can I renew my recertification?

Our CPE reporting system has recently been enhanced and certified individuals are now able to report CPEs as they are earned. Refer to Step-by-Step Instructions.

How do I add (report) CPE hours?

You can report your CPEs individually as you earn them. To enter your CPE hours:

  1. From the main page of the ASIS Website click the "My ASIS" tab from the group menu.
  2. You will be prompted to sign in if you have not done so already.
  3. Click on the "Certifications" tab.
  4. Click on "View Credits" – To view your ASIS activities and to view/report new activities.
  5. Click on "Automatic Credits"- To view ASIS activities automatically posted in your records.
  6. Choose a credit type from the expanding menu to Add, View or Manage self-report credits
  7. Select Add button to report an activity
  8. Enter your CPE activity details. If you have more than one certification, you will need to enter the activity for each ASIS certification to which it applies.
  9. Select Browse button to the file you would like to upload then click the Add File button.
  10. OK to save your changes.


What type of supporting documentation is required?

Supporting documentation such as a copy of a certificate/letter of completion and agenda that includes the hours of classroom is required. Please note that registration forms, paid invoices, course syllabus and/or PowerPoint presentation slides will not be accepted as proof of completion.

How would I know if the activity submitted will be approved for CPE credits?

All activities must relate to security/business management as defined by the content specifications of the relevant examination. Certificants must be able to link each submitted activity to an Exam Domain. CPP, PCI and/or PSP Exam Domains.  

How many CPEs are awarded per activity?

You can refer to the Recertification Guide located at this link   https://www.asisonline.org/Certification/Recertification/Pages/Recertification-Guide.aspx

Are ASIS-related activities automatically reported?

All activities related to ASIS International's headquarters are automatically reported. This includes the credits you receive for membership, attendance at the Annual Seminar, educational programs, volunteer positions, and so on. Please click on the "Automatic Credits" Tab located under "MY ASIS".

Is a chapter/region educational event automatically reported online?

No. Credits for activities at the chapter/region-level of ASIS are not automatically reported. A Chapter/Region has two options to provide confirmation of the CPEs a person earns for attending a qualifying event. Click here for more information.

I've let my certification lapse. What can I do now?

If it has been less than one year since the deadline for recertification, you may take advantage of the grace period.

Between January 1st and June 30th of the year following the recertification term, a total of 64 credits and a $110 fee is required to reinstate the CPP® designation (four additional credits and a $40 late fee); a total of 68 credits and a $110 fee is required (eight additional credits and a $40 late fee) between July 1st and December 31st. (Nonmember late fee is $130.) Recertification after a lapse of twelve months or more will require completing the full examination process.

When will I receive an invoice?

Once you have met the required 60 CPEs, an invoice will be generated and added to your profile during the month of November. You will be notified when this has been done by e-mail.

To view your recertification invoice and submit payment:

  1. Login into your "My ASIS" page located in the upper-level navigation on www.asisonline.org
  2. Select the "Transactions" tab and then "My Open Invoices"
  3. Select the recertification invoice and "add to cart"
  4. Complete payment through our secure online store