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Certificant Spotlight - Robert McMenomy, CPP

​There is no “typical day” for FBI Special Agent Robert McMenomy, CPP. One morning, he might be reading and answering e-mails on a wide variety of topics and the next, he might be cracking a fraudulent investment scheme in the Philippines. McMenomy is assistant special agent in charge of the San Francisco Division of the FBI, a post he has held since 2007. He is  responsible for personnel management, security and risk management of physical assets and personnel, business continuity, human resources, and finance, overseeing a staff of 11 individuals, including the chief security officer. With an FBI career that spans 25 years, McMenomy started out in  Oxford, Mississippi, and held other investigative and management assignments in San Jose and Los Angeles, California, and in Washington, D.C.

A two-year member of ASIS International, he earned his Certified Protection Professional® (CPP) designation in May. “The CPP allowed me to get up-to-date information on security-related topics and positively integrate security into the organization mission and goals,” he says. His advice to security professionals who are seeking board certification: know your basic security principles and study hard. McMenomy believes that ASIS membership has broadened his liaison with the private sector. “Attending ASIS meetings and getting to know other members has given me the opportunity to learn current trends in security and adapt this knowledge to the public sector environment,” he says.

That commitment to professional development has helped McMenomy throughout his career, and certainly in his current position, where his duties include many disciplines, such as dealing with insider threats. McMenomy says that one of his most memorable moments on the job was locating two U.S. fugitives who ran a fraudulent $40 million investment scheme in the Philippines and working with the authorities in that nation to have the pair extradited to the United States. Another memorable incident began with a middle-of the-night phone call informing McMenomy that the fire sprinklers had malfunctioned and flooded a large portion of their office space. “We had to quickly determine continuity plans during the disruption,” he says. A few months later, another office caught fire resulting in a large amount of water damage from the sprinklers. Whether his day is filled with high drama or mundane tasks, he still recommends security management as a career field, calling his a “very rewarding and interesting career.” He says, “What I enjoy most is helping the organization and individuals identify and mitigate security risks before they actually occur.”