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Certificant Spotlight Charles Andrews CPP

Entering into law enforcement and security was a driving passion for Charles E. “Chuck” Andrews, CPP. Before
becoming a commissioned police officer in Texas on his 19th birthday in 1983, Andrews served six years and logged 4,000 hours of patrol time as a police explorer. Law enforcement explorer programs are part of Learning for Life, a U.S. youth program and subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America.

With an outgoing personality, Andrews—now global security director of NSS Labs, Inc.—is a natural networker who understands how his extroverted nature has led to his professional success.

“Business is just people engaging people, based on relationships and communication,” said Andrews. “Every security director will tell you that relationships are the key to success in your role and your performance execution.”

In talking with each other, security professionals will often discover they are both peers of Andrews. The frequency of these occurrences caused one friend to coin the phenomenon “FOC” for “Friends of Chuck”. The entrepreneurial Andrews has used this phenomenon to extend networking avenues further for security practitioners. Andrews is launching a “Friends of Chuck” website dedicated to networking within the security industry.

ASIS certifications, says Andrews, will have a prominent place on his website. He notes that his career was aided when he achieved the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) in 1991, back “when we used Scantrons, and you had to fly 2,000 miles to take the test.” Andrews says the choice to pursue “the very best certification available in the world because it would enhance my credibility in the business community.”

Throughout his career, Andrews’ determination has concurrently garnered both academic and professional success. He graduated top of his class from Sam Houston State University with a bachelors degree in criminal justice. Later, he earned a master's in security executive management from the University of Houston-Downtown. His diverse experiences also include being a law enforcement advisor for the FOX TV show COPS and serving on the 1996 Atlanta Olympics security team.

Andrew's career prospered as he became director of crime prevention in the Denver metropolitan area and later served as chief of police in Texas’ Brazaria County. Andrews transitioned into the private sector with a director position with the Dow Chemical Company. He moved to a CSO/COO corporate role in the financial industry before becoming the director of security for the world’s largest third party payment provider, First Data Corporation. Andrews also currently teaches as an adjunct graduate professor at his alma mater, Sam Houston State University, in the computer science department.

Andrews has been an active ASIS member for 14 years, and presently serves as the regional vice president of the State of Texas’s Region 3C, which oversees six chapters. “Without ASIS, I would not have the career I have today. When a company or peer knows you’re an ASIS member who’s obtained the CPP—your opportunities and credibility double."