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Certificant Spotlight - Toby Heath, CPP, PSP

01 January 2012

“Managing security and people comes second nature to me,” says Toby Heath, CPP, PSP, who said he feels
rewarded by his work because he knows the result of his actions “has a direct impact on human life.” Heath began his career in security as an infantry soldier. In the course of his six-year military engagement, Heath earned the coveted Expert Infantry Badge and was deployed on several missions with the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum.

As a civilian, Heath went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York. The combination of his military background and education made him an attractive candidate for a position as a security consultant at New York-based C&S Engineers. He has remained with the organization since his hiring, serving as a security project manager before being promoted to his current position as security division leader. In this role, Heath manages the day-to-day operations of the security division.

Most of Heath’s days are filled with managing multiple security projects—each one at a different stage in the project life cycle. “At any given moment, we’ll have two to four vulnerability assessments being conducted, five to seven projects in design, and four to eight projects in construction.” In addition to his project management responsibilities, Heath also oversees security for his organization’s 16 offices across the United States and is leading the largest security installation in the company’s history.

Heath joined ASIS in 2007 and earned his first ASIS board certification—the Physical Security Professional (PSP) —in October 2008. “I initially pursued certification to demonstrate to my clients and prospects that I possessed a strong knowledge of security practices. My ASIS credentials differentiate me from other professionals in the field.” He went on to earn his CPP in May 2010. Soon after achieving his certifications, Heath realized that other professionals he met sought mentoring. “The number of people that I have helped with simple questions or in-depth designs based on my certification is amazing,” notes Heath. “It feels good to help peers and to share a common ground of knowledge and expertise.” From leading his fellow infantry soldiers on foreign soil to making sound business decisions based on a threat assessment, Heath has relished his career as a security professional, noting “ASIS has opened doors that didn’t previously exist for me.”