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Certificant Spotlight - Jerry Higginson, CPP, PCI

01 August 2012

Jerry Higginson, CPP, PCI, began his career in law enforcement in 1975 when he joined the United States Army
Military Police Corps. During his 17 years in the military, Higginson advanced from an enlisted military policeman to a supervisory special agent within the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division, which is responsible for conducting felony criminal investigations for the U.S. Army around the world.

After leaving the service, Higginson relocated to Arizona where he began a second career in security. He has held various executive management positions within Native- American-owned casinos, where he focused on security, surveillance, investigations, and regulatory compliance.

“I stumbled into security and investigations consulting almost by accident,” says Higginson, who established AZSecurNet, LLC, his own consulting firm, in 2007. A former colleague’s referral to a friend who needed assistance managing background investigations for his company launched his career in consulting. Client communications typically fill Higginson’s days now. His rewards come from the positive feedback he receives when he is able to solve his clients’ various security and investigative challenges.

Higginson joined ASIS in 2001. “The contacts I have made through networking with members have greatly benefited my career,” notes Higginson. The education and training opportunities that he has been presented with have also proven to be quite valuable.

Soon after becoming a member, Higginson pursued ASIS board certification as a means of setting himself apart from his peers in the industry. He first initiated preparation for the CPP credential, but realized that he needed some additional study time when the Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) designation was launched. “I decided to test for the PCI first, since I had an extensive background in investigations,” stated Higginson. “I was one of the first 15 people to successfully take the exam and earn the PCI certification in 2003.” He went on to earn his CPP in 2006 and is currently a candidate for the Physical Security Professional (PSP) certification.

“Both certifications have helped me tremendously. Preparation for the examinations strengthened my knowledge in security management and investigations,” observed Higginson. “Several clients have told me that they would not have hired me had it not been for the credentials.”