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Certificant Spotlight - Eric H. Morse, CPP

Eric H. Morse, CPP, was trained early in his career to actively survey his surroundings in detail. Look, listen, and observe, Morse was instructed. Like many, he transitioned from a career in law enforcement to private security.

Morse began working in executive and asset protection in 1997, the year he joined ASIS. In his first corporate security management position, He learned the value of hiring the right people for the right position. “Individual skill sets can be harnessed to create a much more effective team,” observed Morse.

After a short time, he moved on to serve as corporate security manager for Lattice Semiconductor where his diverse responsibilities extended internationally. “Working with local law enforcement to provide assistance to the FBI as part of an export administration regulations investigation made my position challenging on a daily basis,” he says.

Morse, who began in his current position as corporate security manager for Genentech, a member of the Roche Group and a leading biotechnology company, in 2008, states “Everyone at Genentech, from the bottom up and top down, is focused on our mission of providing medication to patients with unmet medical challenges.”

He goes on to say, “The environment is ever changing. I work to ensure that we have the right programs in place, the correct staffing models, and the right resources to safeguard our key protection areas of personnel, products, physical assets, and information.”

In 2000, when he was 29 years old, Morse earned his CPP. The preparation process proved quite challenging and even difficult at times, but he credits the mentorship provided by his manager, who was also studying to take the CPP exam at the time, as invaluable. The two went on to lead two CPP reviews after successfully earning their own certifications.

“The CPP is a great tool for reaching out across boundaries to ask questions or gain information about certain topics or geographical locations,” says Morse. “When working for a global company, it is  imperative to have the ability to reach security professionals around the globe.”

Morse has confidence in the counsel provided by other ASIS board-certified professionals. “CPPs all have the same calling. They are true professionals, and I feel fortunate to be among them and to have them as peers,” he says.