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Certificant Spotlight - Jere Peltonen, CPP, PCI, PSP

22 February 2013

“Communication is one of the fundamental elements of security
management,” observes Jere Peltonen, CPP, PCI, PSP, diplomatic security advisor for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Peltonen, who was previously in the military service, earned his bachelor’s degree in security management in 2005. “I have a natural ability to quickly identify potential problems or challenges in any given operation or context, and likely ways to solve these,” says Peltonen. “A career in security management is in direct alignment with my abilities and instincts.”

Peltonen has managed a wide range of responsibilities in his role within the Finnish Foreign Ministry for the past 10 years. He is based in Helsinki, but the nature of his work requires constant international travel, often to hostile environments such as Syria and Afghanistan. “I am very hands-on in my day-to-day activities, which typically include meetings with various colleagues from different missions, liaising with local and international authorities, and conducting political and security assessments.

Understanding an organization’s business and how to translate its mission into goals, assets, processes, time spans, and structures is critical,” offers Peltonen, who works closely to build security awareness and to educate and train personnel. “We place significant thought into how to communicate security themes effectively to stakeholders who may view the world from a different angle.”

Peltonen joined ASIS in June of 2001, initially motivated to advance his career through education. “For me, continuing education and self-development are something close to a passion,” notes Peltonen. In 2007, Peltonen achieved his Certified Protection Professional® (CPP) certification. In line with his desire to further his education and advance in his career, he went on to earn his Professional Certified Investigator® (PCI) and his Physical Security Professional® (PSP) certifications in 2011—making him one of 70 security practitioners worldwide to hold all three ASIS credentials.

“Certification carries an extra credibility factor. My ASIS certifications make it easier to engage in discussions or complex management situations involving counterparts from different organizational and geographical cultures,” states Peltonen. As the 2013 chair of the Finnish chapter, one of Peltonen’s goals is to grow the number of ASIS board-certified security practitioners within his country. “Security management is constantly evolving. There are countless ways to develop oneself and the profession— certification being one of the primary means,” he says.