How do I know which exam is right for me?

What will I be tested on?

What are the eligibility requirements for each exam?

What are the application fees?

Where are exams offered?

What is the process for applying for certification?

Is ASIS membership required to obtain a certification?

Can I apply for all three certifications at once?

Once I’m approved to take the exam, how long do I have to take the exam?

How should I study for the exam?

How much do the Reference Materials cost?

Are the study materials offered online?

How much time should I allow to study for the exam?

When will I find out the results of my exam?

When will I receive my certification certificate?

Once I’m certified, how can I use my designation?

What are Digital Credentials?

How can I verify if someone is certified?

If I fail the exam, what is the waiting period before I can retake it?

What is the re-exam fee and process?

What is my eligibility number?

If you need certification program assistance, please send your inquiries to certification@asisonline.org and we will gladly assist you.