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Physical Security Assessment

Task 01/01: Identify assets to determine their value loss impact and criticality.

Knowledge of:

01/01/01 - The nature and types of assets (tangible and intangible)

01/01/02 - Valuing various types of assets

01/01/03 - Definitions and terminology related to assets, value, loss impact and criticality

01/01/04 - Core functions of the place

01/01/05 - Current security programs and security management of the place process

Task 01/02: Assess the nature of the threats so that the scope of the problem can be determined.

Knowledge of:

01/02/01 - The nature, categories, and types of threats (e.g., natural, manmade)

01/02/02 - Different environmental types and severity (e.g., natural disasters, criminal events, terrorism, socio-political, cultural)

01/02/03 - Demographics (crime population)

01/02/04 - Critical business operations of various types of places or processes

01/02/05 - External organizations and their potential impact on facility's security program

01/02/06 - Other external factors (legal, loss of reputation, economic, etc.) and their impact of the facility's security program

Task 01/03: Conduct a physical security survey in order to identify the vulnerabilities of the organization.

Knowledge of:

01/03/01 - Security survey techniques

01/03/02 - Qualitative and quantitative risk assessments

01/03/03 - Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED)

01/03/04 - Situational crime prevention

01/03/05 - Security technologies and equipment applications

01/03/06 - Interpretation of building plans, drawings and schematics

01/03/07 - Nature and types of data to be collected

01/03/08 - Methods of collecting relevant data

01/03/09 - Existing equipment, physical security systems, personnel, and procedures

01/03/10 - Fault tolerance (i.e. ability of a system to withstand failure)

01/03/11 - Applicable standards/regulations/codes and where to find them

01/03/12 - Environmental conditions that impact the security level of the place or process

Task 01/04: Perform a risk analysis so that appropriate countermeasures can be developed.

Knowledge of:

01/04/01 - Risk analyses strategies and methods

01/04/02 - Risk management principles

01/04/03 - Methods for analysis and interpretation of collected data

01/04/04 - Threat and vulnerability identification

01/04/05 - Loss event profile analyses

01/04/06 - Methods of evaluating criticality and probability

01/04/07 - Appropriate countermeasures related to specific threats

01/04/08 - Cost benefit analysis (e.g. return on investment (ROI) analysis, total cost of ownership

01/04/09 - Legal issues related to various countermeasures/security applications