Certification Policies

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Applicants are allowed to take the CPP, PCI, and PSP exam three times in two years. The two-year period begins on the date of approval to take the exam. The first time an applicant fails the exam, the candidate must wait three months before retaking it. The second time an applicant fails the exam, the candidate must wait six months before retaking it. After the third administration, the candidate must submit a new application three years from the last testing date.

Please note: Approved-to-test candidates have up to two-years from their approved application date within which to test. Once their two-year exam eligibility period expires, all application and test fees are forfeited. The certification department makes every effort to ensure that this information is made available via a confirmation email and/or phone call, however, it is the candidate's responsibility to ensure that they are scheduled to take their exam before their test eligibility expires.

Candidates who have not taken the exam within the two-year, eligibility period will have to reapply for the exam. ASIS does not grant extensions due to job demands, company budgets, employment status, personal finances, changes in marital status, changes in mailing address, and other personal or professional reason. Extensions might be granted if there is a severe hardship such as a major medical emergency in the immediate family, a natural disaster, or if on active military duty and deployed into a remote or hazardous area. Military personnel will need to verify this status by submitting a copy of official deployment orders. This does not apply to individuals who are military contractors. Severe hardship must be documented and verifiable.

Appealing a Declined Application

1. Appeals will be considered within 30 days of an applicant being notified of an adverse decision, with day one being the postmarked date on the applicant's notification envelope.
2. A Request for Review form must be filled out explaining action being requested.
3. Appeals must be sent by certified mail or express mail.  Faxes and emails are not acceptable.
4. Appeal must be submittted to the PCB president who will, in turn, submit it to the appropriate committee.
5. Appeals must identify the adverse decision being appealed and state the reasons for the appeal.  Also, any new or additional information for consideration should be submitted at this time.

Committee Review and Consideration

1. The respective PCB committee shall review and consider a properly filed appeal via teleconference or during its annual meetings.
2. When necessary, the PCB committee has the authority to seek legal advice regarding any aspect of the Applicant's appeal.
3. The PCB on behalf of the PCB committee shall notify the Applicant of the PCB committee's decision, and the reasons therefore, as specified in the appeals time frame. (An initial response should be provided within 30 days, acknowledging receipt of complaint. There should be a 60-day investigative review process, renewable for another 60-day period based on findings.)
4. The PCB committee's decision is final.

Retest Policy for Computer-based Certification Examinations

If the candidate fails the examination, certification staff will notify the candidate and provide information about retesting.  No more than two years must have passed since the original test administration.  The candidate will not be required to meet any additional eligibility requirements that have been imposed since the original application date.These are the conditions that must be met in order for a candidate to retest within a two-year timeframe:

1. At least 90 days have passed since the previous administration.
2. At least 6 months have passed since the first retest

If the candidate fails the retesting twice, he or she must wait three years after last testing date and:

1. submit a new application,
2. meet current eligibility requirements, and
3. pay the full fee.

However, in unique situations, a candidate can petition the PCB test for a fourth time within the two-year period.  They must wait 18 months from the time of their third failure, and the application document must describe the study program used to prepare for the fourth administration.