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Youth, Technology Continue to Bolster Security Industry

05 November 2013

ASIS President Geoff Craighead, CPP, shares his insights on a range of issues in his monthly column, "President's Perspective".

At the ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits in Chicago this year, one of the many events I was fortunate enough to attend was the Young Professionals’ reception. It was a great opportunity to see the next generation of security professionals, and the tremendous amount of enthusiasm that these young people bring to the security industry. These practitioners will follow a very different path in security than many of us, shall we say, more seasoned security professionals, have walked. For folks in my generation, it was not uncommon for security to be a second career, after a first in law enforcement or the military. For many of the Young Professionals who represent the future of security, that’s not the case. There are an ever-increasing number of academic institutions providing security management majors at the undergraduate and graduate levels to equip people for direct entry into the profession. Also, there are more and more certificate courses that provide insights into niches of the profession. And, of course, there are more ASIS designations than there were when I started in the profession. All that points to a very different landscape for the security professional of the future. Such an individual is much more likely to view security management as a first career. Consequently, they bring with them a unique and advanced set of tools when they enter the profession. Some of those skillsets involve technology. Read More.