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2016 Top Security Threats and Management Issues Facing Corporate America survey

23 February 2017

​Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. has released its 2016 Top Security Threats and Management Issues Facing Corporate America survey, which draws on the expertise of a wide range of security managers and directors from Fortune 1000 companies, facilities managers, and others responsible for the safety and security of corporate America's people, property and information assets.

Cyber/Communications Security: Internet Security tops the list of threats followed by Workplace Violence Prevention/Response; Active Shooter Threats; Business Continuity Planning/Organizational Resilience; and Cyber/Communications Security: Mobile Security. 

Top security management challenges included Security Staffing Effectiveness: Training Effectiveness Methods; Promoting Employee Awareness; and Implementing Best Practices/Standards/Key Performance Indicators.

"One of the things that struck me in analyzing the data is that of the 29 threat categories, approximately one half can be caused or committed by insiders (current or former employees or trusted business partners/guests)" 
 - Don Walker, CPP, Chairman, Securitas Security Services USA, Inc.  

Additional findings include

Funding Trends
Over the next three to five years, the funding outlook for corporate security programs shows that 34% of security managers are expecting an increase in funding in 2016, compared to 29% in 2014. It further shows that 50% of security managers are expecting budgets to remain the same in 2016, compared to 55% in 2014.

Security Threats by Sector

  • Healthcare and Social Assistance and Real Estate and Rental and Leasing industries identified Active Shooter threats, a new attribute in 2016, as the greatest security threat

  • Manufacturing and the Finance and Insurance industries identified Cyber/Communications: Internet/Intranet Security as the top threat

  • Utilities identified Crisis Management and Response: Domestic Terrorism/Lone Wolf Attacks as the top threat (jumping up from 5th place in 2014)

  • Transportation and Warehousing saw Workplace Violence as the top risk, followed by property crime

  • Information industry identified both Crisis Management and Response: Natural Disaster and Intellectual Property/Brand Protection/Product Counterfeit as top threats

  • Retail trade identified both Business Continuity Planning/Organizational Resilience and Cyber/Communications Security: Internet/Internet Security as top threats

Reporting Relationships

Corporate security reporting relationships are diverse and show little organizational consistency across the Fortune 1000 companies. The largest groups report to the Facilities area (21%). Operations (18%) and Administration (18%), CEO/President (11%), and Environmental/Health/Safety (10%) are the next most frequently mentioned areas.

Download the full re​port, which also includes expert commentary from ASIS International members Rick Avery, CPP; Charles A Baley; Gail Essen, CPP, PSP; Michael Howard; and Tim Williams, CPP. For more information on the report, visit ​