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The Value of Board Certification

01 May 2013

In meetings this past week, I spoke with two security colleagues who had let their Certified Protection Professional (CPP) credentials lapse. Their common lament was “I wish I had never let this happen!”

One of the best things I did was to earn my CPP. The career opportunities, friendships forged, and the continuing education and exposure to new ideas and concepts have been invaluable to me.

My certification story began in 1983. At the time I worked for Pedus Security Services and the company president, Timothy Gilmore, CPP, encouraged security managers to earn their board certification by offering to pay for the POA, exam fee, and review class. With that incentive, in just under a year I was able to earn my CPP (and a $100 monthly salary increase!). My story is similar to many colleagues I know who worked for managers that value ASIS board certifications and encouraged their employees to sit for the exam. It’s this kind of peer-to-peer support and encouragement that helps elevate our profession.

It was certification that helped open the door to national volunteer leadership with ASIS when, in 1999, I joined the Professional Certification Board (PCB) and eventually served as its president in 2003. The PCB is comprised of an impressive group of individuals dedicated to the advancement of our certifications, including the meticulous review of our exams. It was during my PCB tenure when Cliff Dow, CPP, made the analogy between the medical profession’s use of “board-certified” and ASIS certification. The concept “board certified in security management” to characterize experience and tested competence quickly took hold. To this day, when I submit a risk assessment or project proposal, I am confident that the embossed “board-certified” seal I apply to these documents reflect the high professional ethics and competency behind my work. Read More