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Special Terrorisim Session Added to APC II Program This Spring

18 February 2016

This new presentation - Inside a Terrorists Mind: Radicalization, Ideology, and Terrorism in the Middle East - will provide an introduction and understanding of radical Islam, Shari’a law, the ideology of Jihad in Islam, and the global influence and regional control of the Islamic State in Iraq and Al Shaam (ISIS).

The speaker is a Counterterrorism Intelligence Analyst for the CIAC and subject matter expert on international terrorism and known for providing strategic intelligence products and documents to inform of potential international and domestic threats throughout the federal, state, local, law enforcement, and emergency management communities.

Topics for discussion will include the ideology, leadership structure, and funding of certain Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) and radical groups, the radicalization process for both domestic and foreign-born extremists, and how social media are influencing the next generation of terrorists, especially women.

In this must-attend session, you will learn to think about policy and threat assessments, and implementing strategies.