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Cultural Properties Council Releases Houses of Worship Security Risk Guide

19 August 2016

ASIS Cultural Properties.jpgThe ASIS Cultural Properties Council has released a Security Risk Analysis (SRA) Guide designed to help improve safety and security in Houses of Worship communities across the globe. 

In the past, ASIS members would help Houses of Worship improve security by conducting a basic security survey, followed by a report outlining steps for corrective action. In light of recent violence and terrorist attacks, the Council felt a more robust and comprehensive process was required. The new SRA includes a security survey as part of a comprehensive process. In addition, critical assets are now identified including threats and hazards, and vulnerabilities are assessed. These are then evaluated using a numerical scale to determine level of consequence and probability of occurrence.​

Special thanks to Jim McGuffey, CPP, PCI, PSP, for spearheading this important effort. He was ably assisted by Houses of Worship Committee members Philip P. Purpura, CPP, Douglas M. Meacham, Jeffrey P. Berrett, Richard C. Raisler, Scott A. Watson, CPP, Carl Chinn, and Johnnie L. Mock, PSP. 

In addition, the committee thanks Douglas K. Beaver CPP and Christopher S. Provan, CPP for editing, and Cultural Properties Council Chair Robert A. Carotenuto, CPP, PSP, PCI, and Past Council Chair Gary Miville for their support and encouragement throughout this process.

Download the Security Risk Analysis Guide (login required)​