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ASIS Lends Support to “Opening the Door to School Safety” Campaign

13 December 2016

Door barricade devices in schools are intended to keep dangerous individuals out of classrooms, but what if that person is already in the room? To highlight the dangers of these devices and assist in better understanding secure and safe classroom door openings, the Door Security & Safety Foundation has launched, "Opening the Door to School Safety," aimed at raising awareness about the importance of safely securing classroom doors with code compliant methods.

In response to school shootings, several states have or are considering changes to their building codes to allow for the installation of classroom door barricade devices. While these devices are perceived to provide additional security, they have the significant potential to facilitate unintended consequences when incidents of bullying, harassment, or physical violence take place.

"Safety isn't just about closing the door, it's also about opening the door," said Jerry Heppes, CAE, CEO of the Door Security & Safety Foundation. "Security should never take priority over life safety; they must work hand in hand, especially during an emergency situation. Classroom door barricade devices violate building, fire and life safety codes and can easily be misused by someone inside the room intending to cause harm." 

To learn more about classroom security locks or the dangers of door barricade devices, visit the Foundation's website.