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New CPP Exam to Debut in 2016, Updates to Digital Credentials in this Issue of Certification Headlines

10 April 2015

​Highlights from the April 2015 issue of Certification Headlines, a quarterly newsletter for ASIS board certified practitioners to keep updated on certification and recertification news and to celebrate the accomplishments of certified professionals worldwide.

Implementation of New CPP Test to Begin February 2016

The CPP exam domains have been revised based on the completion of a 2014 job analysis. This important analysis is undertaken for all of the ASIS certification programs approximately every five years. It is an essential process as it helps to ensure the exam content remains current and accurately reflects job-related activities, competencies, and professional standards. Please note: These changes will not take effect until February 2016.

Summary of the Job Analysis

  • The new CPP exam will be comprised of universal test forms to be administered internationally—there are no country-specific references to codes or laws.
  • There are now 7 domains of study with adjusted weights. The stand-alone legal domain is interspersed amongst other domains such as Business Principles and Practices, Investigations, and Personnel Security.
  • Other changes include the modification of tasks to be reflective of current terms and addition of knowledge statements that are new or more concise.

The PCB has provided the exam content online highlighting changes in required skills, tasks, and knowledge content. Related FAQs are available to learn more about the job analysis process. All volunteer leaders should have received an email notification with these details. The board asks that regional and chapter leaders help ensure that candidates and study/review course program directors are made aware of the changes.

Please note: The certification department will contact all current candidates approved to test, including those whose exam eligibility date ends beyond February 2016, to ensure they have adequate preparation time to test and retest. Exam questions will continue to be sourced from Protection of Assets (POA) and selected ASIS Standards and Guidelines.

Please contact the certification department should you have any questions or concerns regarding the implementation of the new test forms.

New Mandatory ANSI/ISO Requirement for
ALL ASIS Certificants!

ASIS is required to demonstrate that it has an enforceable arrangement for certificants to inform the certification body of any matters that may affect their ability to fulfill certification requirements.

To ensure compliance, ASIS must implement an attestation agreement that is to be signed by applicants and current certificants. By signing the attestation, certificants agree to adhere to the ASIS Code of Professional Responsibility and maintenance of certification requirements.

Please note: All certificants must sign the ASIS attestation agreement (PDF) and fax to +1.703.518.1515 or send as an attachment to on or before May 31, 2015.

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