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ASIS Supports the Promoting Good Cyber Hygiene Act

14 July 2017

​ASIS has sent a letter of support for a pair of bipartisan, companion bills recently introduced in the House and Senate known as the Promoting Good Cyber Hygiene Act (H.R. 3010 and S.1475). The bill instructs the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to establish and make accessible online a baseline set of voluntary best practices for good "cyber hygiene" that can be used by private sector organizations and individuals.

The bill will make available "a list of simple, basic controls that have the most impact in defending against common cybersecurity threats and risks," which will be reviewed and updated regularly and be accessible online. Such a resource will be very beneficial to all computer users and especially businesses.

Already this year, there have bene two worldwide cyberattacks that affected hundreds of thousands of computers. These are a grave threat to American businesses and organiations and there is no doubt cyberattacks will continue. However, if organizations and individuals practice better cyber hygiene—often as simple as regularly installing software updates—many cyberattacks can be prevented.

Read the full letter.