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The Indispensable Work of ASIS Councils

​Last month, I mentioned the release of an extremely valuable “how to” guide for developing goal-oriented public
-private partnerships, prepared by the ASIS Law Enforcement Liaison Council (LELC). Well, the LELC did not stop there. Building on the theme of the new guide, the group also has developed a timely education session for the upcoming ASIS Seminar and Exhibits: “Cyberfraud: How to Protect Yourself and Your Business.” A panel of public/private industry experts who deal with cyber threats on a daily basis will examine the current threats and discuss why working together is the key to any incident response.  

The LELC is one of 29 ASIS professional councils—each focusing on a specialized security practice area, from Academic and Training Programs to Utilities Security. This is one of the most valuable and most practical benefits of an ASIS membership, in my opinion. These 29 councils form the nerve center of the security profession, developing best practices, collaborating on common issues, and identifying emerging industry trends in these security niches.

Indeed, 22 of the 29 councils have developed education sessions for ASIS 2014. Fifty-four sessions—more than 25% of the programs offered this year—are sponsored by ASIS councils. Several councils are presenting more than one education session; in fact, three of them—Information Technology Security Council, Defense and Intelligence Council, and Physical Security Council—will offer five or more sessions in Atlanta!

The 54 council-sponsored sessions will cover a wide range of security issues, providing insight and solutions that attendees can take back to the office. For example, “Seeing is Believing: Better Situational Awareness Through Video Quality in Public Safety,” presented by the Physical Security Council, will review the exponential increase in video technology and explain how to navigate the staggering number of product choices on the market today.

Are you responsible for securing energy industry port and maritime assets? Don’t miss the Petrochemical, Chemical and Extractive Industries Security Council session “Securing Energy Industry Port and Maritime Assets: The Dynamics of International Operations.” 

Most of us will be affected in one way or another by the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate that takes effect on January 1, 2015. Thanks to the Women In Security Council, we have this important session: “2015 Affordable Care Act: Impact on the Security Services Industry; Making the Case for Wellness.”

You can see why ASIS Councils are indispensable—they have the expertise to go deep into a topic and the desire to share their knowledge with their peers, whether it is for the annual Seminar and Exhibits, classroom programs, or other ASIS educational offerings. They are our “go-to” people when only the best in these particular specialties will do.

ASIS councils continue to expand and excel for another reason—they are excellent networking opportunities. I often hear from council members how much they value the camaraderie that is a natural outcome of working side-by-side on special projects and making decisions together. Leadership skills are built and fine-tuned on ASIS councils as well.

I urge all members to consider joining a council. With so many to choose from, there surely is a good match for every member.