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Value-Based Security Procurement

David R. Serafine
ASIS International
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Over time, value has become synonymous with "cost" and the focus has shifted from implementing a quality private security program to showing immediate, short-lived savings. Vendors and their clients have cut corners to come up with the lowest price for security services. This type of competition drives lower standards across the board, thus creating a negative perception of the private security industry. In order to distinguish the private security industry as a commendable industry, the ideas of quality and value need to be introduced in the initial training stages and, more importantly, these ideas should resonate throughout the remainder of the established security programs.

Developing the Request for Proposal, analyzing the pricing structures of potential vendors, and meeting and touring with vendors are all steps necessary in implementing a value-based security program. These topics, as well as others are explained in detail throughout this book and provide insight on how to find the best fit between an organization and its security vendor.

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