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Travel Security Handbook

Sven Leidel
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Anyone striving for international success can’t get around traveling abroad. When business beckons, travelers’ security quickly becomes a minor matter. Incidents on business trips repeatedly occur, sometimes with fatal consequences. The cause is often ignorance about the dangers involved in travel, not only on the part of the traveler but also on the part of the company and the responsible supervisor. There is a lack of the necessary security consciousness as well as an educated awareness of specific travel risks. Business travelers’ security needs are still largely underestimated.

With this travel security guide, Sven Leidel fills a gap on the bookshelves of security managers, supervisors, HR-Managers, and business travelers. Although there is an obvious need for practice-oriented specialist literature, guides on the topic of safe travel with the European perspective are rare. In this book, Sven Leidel has not only succeeded in providing a comprehensive overview of the dangers and risks, he also provides answers on how to deal with them. Using up-to-date real-life examples and a variety of practical rules of conduct and instructions, he makes travel security tangible for everyone.

The author’s message is loud and clear: safety awareness can be learned. That’s why this guide makes an important contribution to travel security and is intended for both security officers and business travelers. This book is a must-have for anyone responsible for employees’ travel security or who travels themselves. The dangers are not going to change. The only way to reduce risk and ensure the success of business trips—is to know how to deal with them.

Format: Softcover


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