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Sports Travel Security

Peter Tarlow, Ph.D.
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Sports Team Security examines the security needs for sports teams and events of all sizes. This groundbreaking book provides a fundamental model for sports team security that can be applied almost universally, from youth sports to the Super Bowl and World Cup.
The book develops, compares, and contrasts current methodologies in sports security, for both amateur and professional athletes, examining which paradigms work best and under what circumstances. This valuable information is applicable to nearly anyone involved in the safety of athletes, including event managers, law enforcement, parents, school administrators and coaches, security practitioners, tourism industry professionals, and legal professionals. It explores issues rarely investigated, providing advice for creating best practices and guidelines in sports team security.
  • Provides a generic template for sports team security, with checklists and log sheets provided for each type of system
  • Discusses sports team security in relation to large and small teams, and even in single-player sports, as well as unique requirements to accommodate differences in age, culture, climate, language, geography, religion, and gender
  • Reviews security for special-needs athletes for events like the Special Olympics or Paralympic Games
  • Applies academic and practical knowledge for both security students and practitioners
Format: Softcover


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