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Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge

Julian Talbot and Miles Jakeman, Ph.D.
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Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge (SRMBOK) was developed as an initiative of the Risk Management Institution of Australasia Limited (RMIA) to contribute to the identification and documentation of agreed better practice in security risk management.

This book was designed to provide the reader with a framework for formalizing risk management thinking in today’s complex environment. It details the security risk management process in a format that can be applied by executive managers and security risk management practitioners. Integrating knowledge, competencies, methodologies, and applications, it demonstrates how to document and incorporate best-practice concepts from a range of complementary disciplines.

Developed to align with International Standards for Risk Management such as ISO 31000 it enables professionals to apply security risk management (SRM) principles to specific areas of practice. Guidelines are provided for: Access Management; Business Continuity and Resilience; Command, Control, and Communications; Consequence Management and Business Continuity Management; Counter-Terrorism; Crime Prevention through Environmental Design; Crisis Management; Environmental Security; Events and Mass Gatherings; Executive Protection; Explosives and Bomb Threats; Home-Based Work; Human Rights and Security; Implementing Security Risk Management; Intellectual Property Protection; Intelligence Approach to SRM; Investigations and Root Cause Analysis; Maritime Security and Piracy; Mass Transport Security; Organizational Structure; Pandemics; Personal Protective Practices; Psychology of Security; Red Teaming and Scenario Modeling; Resilience and Critical Infrastructure Protection; Asset-, Function-, Project-, and Enterprise-Based Security Risk Assessment; Security Specifications and Postures; Security Training; Supply Chain Security; Transnational Security; and Travel Security.

This book provides both a graphical and written framework for bringing practice to bear when addressing and treating security risks. The objective of SRMBOK is to support security risk management practitioners with both technical and business guidance.

Reviewed in Security Management, 12/10.

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