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Security Management for Sports and Special Events: An Interagency Approach to Creating Safe Facilities

Stacey Hall, Walter Cooper, Lou Marciani, and Jim McGee
Human Kinetics
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Security Management for Sports and Special Events: An Interagency Approach to Creating Safe Facilities presents a systematic approach to stadium and venue security. Unlike traditional risk management books that present guidelines to promote safety and discourage litigation in sport and recreation settings, this new text deals specifically with natural disasters, terrorism, crowd control problems, and other large-scale threats. As sport and facility security managers seek to broaden their building management capabilities, this book offers detailed guidance in improving the quality, coordination, and responsiveness of security protocols within their facilities.

Readers will find an array of tools that assist in understanding and implementing the material presented:
  • Case studies at the end of each chapter and “Lessons Learned” sections that summarize and apply the information to a real-world scenario
  • Sidebars throughout the text that provide examples of important current issues in sport and event security management
  • More than 20 appendix items, including key guidelines, checklists, and needs assessments
Emphasizing interagency development and a team approach to sport event security management, this book allows sport and facility managers to lessen risk, control insurance costs, and uphold the integrity of their facilities through security management procedures. The text was developed according to the requirements of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Incident Management System (NIMS) and serves as the manual for managers seeking to achieve the SESA Seal of Approval offered by the University of Southern Mississippi’s National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4). Developed by the authors and the only dedicated research facility for sport security management, NCS4 is on the cutting edge of researching and assessing game-day operations for security and crisis management.

Reviewed in Security Management, 6/12.

Format: Hardcover


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