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Security Convergence: Managing Enterprise Security Risk

Dave Tyson, CPP
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Security convergence is the new, crucial topic in the security arena as corporate security groups develop the future standard to effectively manage enterprise-wide risks. In the past, organizations approached risk mitigation in an essentially independent format, where physical security is managed separately from IT security, and separate again from audit, risk management, and other risk oriented functions.
Over the past few years, however, a global economy and the rate of technical advancements have driven the integration of these functions. Defined as a formal, collaborative, and strategic integration of an organization’s cumulative security resources, security convergence delivers organizational benefits through enhanced risk mitigation, increased operational effectiveness and efficiency, and cost savings.

Security Convergence: Managing Enterprise Security Risk reviews the rationale and causes for change; discusses the changes in business conditions that are driving convergence; and leads the reader to understand why change is necessary and possible. Professionals who have embraced security convergence contribute their accounts of lessons learned from their experience. The final section discusses the business case for change and presents a model for moving forward. All security professionals, regardless of background, will find this a useful reference to understand the benefits of convergence and how organizations and corporations will protect their assets in the future.

Reviewed in Security Management, 6/08.

Format: Hardcover

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