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Retail Crime, Security, and Loss Prevention: An Encyclopedic Reference

Charles A. Sennewald and John H. Christman
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Retail Crime, Security, and Loss Prevention is a reference work that addresses the ever-present problem of theft from retail stores and centers. No other business enterprise poses a larger or more attractive target of theft. This book not only details the basic causes of shortage, but also offers specific techniques and programs to prevent, minimize, and, in many cases, recover such losses.

This book is destined to become the "go to" source of crime and loss prevention-related information in the retail industry. Written and edited by two nationally recognized retail security experts and enhanced with 63 contributions by others experts in specialized areas, this book provides over 150 definitions of loss prevention terms, and discusses topics ranging from accident investigations, counterfeit currency, emergency planning, and workplace violence to vendor frauds. No other single work contains such a wealth of retail security information. Features include:
  • Tables, current industry figures, and statistics fully articulate the impact of loss prevention and theft in the retail setting
  • Case examples from the authors’ own experiences illustrate real-world problems and connect theory to practice
  • Dozens of industry professionals contribute knowledge from their varied areas of expertise.
Reviewed in Security Management, 5/09.

Format: Hardcover

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