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Readings in Security Management: Principles and Practices

Compiled and Edited by Robert D. McCrie, CPP
ASIS International
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In many ways, security management is a new field. While the protection of assets goes back to time immemorial, the management approach of preventing and controlling losses is only a few generations old. As an academic concern, the field is newer still. Readings in Security Management serves the interest of both the thoughtful practitioner and students within the undergraduate and graduate security management programs.
Earlier books on the topic have considered individual topics of risk mitigation. By contrast, this volume seeks to present an eclectic compilation of worthy readings on selective topics. The intention has been to select contributions that are relevant, authoritative, interesting, and clear.
The selection of readings contained in this book has been shaped with the interests of business and management programs in mind, as well as programs based within traditional security management and criminal justice milieus. Topics covered include the legal aspect of security management, investigations, personnel, technical management, information protection, business intelligence, and more.

Reviewed in Security Management, 5/03.

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