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Pandemic Influenza: Emergency Planning and Community Preparedness

Edited by Jeffrey R. Ryan
CRC Press
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No one is immune to the potential devastation of a mass pandemic influenza outbreak, yet despite recent small-scale outbreaks and dire warnings from the World Health Organization that such an event is imminent and overdue, our preparedness continues to lag. Part of the problem is that while a national plan is important, all the real action must occur at the local level. Triage, care, and containment, along with maintenance of the infrastructure, are functions that must be carried out by local planners and responders.

Pandemic Influenza: Emergency Planning and Community Preparedness introduces readers to the most critical global and domestic issues regarding a potential pandemic. Featuring the contributions of thirteen leading experts, this crucial volume arms planners and responders with an understanding of outbreak containment and response planning, providing a detailed analysis of our present capabilities and potential weaknesses.

Public health and emergency preparedness professionals, as well as policy makers at all levels will find a wealth of relevant information that will help them prioritize and define roles, create a plan, and allocate the proper resources to mitigate the devastation of a pandemic influenza.

Reviewed in Security Management, 01/10.

Format: Hardcover


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