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Organizational Resilience: Managing the Risks of Disruptive Events--A Practitioner's Guide

James J. Leflar, CPP, and Marc H. Siegel, Ph.D.
CRC Press
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Moving towards resiliency is more than just implanting policy and procedure; it is a process that takes organizations on a winding path requiring patience and tolerance. A good deal of learning will have to take place during the trip and that is why it is necessary to have patience and tolerate the learning process. Organizational Resilience: Managing the Risks of Disruptive Events—A Practitioner’s Guide provides essential management tools that ensure you will succeed in moving an organization towards becoming more resilient.

The book explains organizational resilience and how to manage risk through the use of the ANSI/ASIS SPC.1-2009 Standard. It outlines a concise, clearly understandable approach to successfully addressing the various challenges and techniques necessary to plan, prepare, and implement organizational resilience management in any organization. The authors cut through the complexities and identify the key issues and methods for successful implementation. They focus on organizational resilience management as an integral component of an overall business and risk management strategy. They also explore how organizational resilience creates value for the organization and can be applied to both the private and public sectors.

Features include:
  • Explains organizational resilience management
  • Examines the various disciplines concerned with preparedness planning to provide a holistic perspective
  • Identifies the principles and techniques associated with effective threat assessments and impact analyses
Building a resilient organization is a cross-disciplinary and cross-functional endeavor; therefore "practitioners" may come from a variety of disciplines, all of which contribute to helping the organization achieve its objectives. This book provides valuable and much-needed guidance that enables practitioners to achieve the desired goals of effective organizational resilience through cost-effective methods.
Reviewed in Security Management, 5/14.

Format: Hardcover


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