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Kidnap for Ransom: Resolving the Unthinkable

Richard P. Wright
CRC Press
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Offering extensive use of actual case histories, this book examines the kidnap for ransom phenomenon and reveals the process from the moment of kidnap until the victim’s safe return. The author’s experience as the principal consultant and manager in the successful resolution of numerous kidnapping and extortion incidents makes this book an invaluable tool for those charged with the responsibility of kidnap prevention, as well as for those law enforcement agents called on to mitigate the potential consequences of an abduction in progress.

Key Features
  • Traces the historical development of kidnapping for ransom and studies the behaviors of perpetrators, victims, and families
  • Provides an overview of the series of activities that represent the best opportunity for a successful resolution of a kidnap for ransom
  • Examines how kidnappers operate and how they select, target, and abduct their victims
  • Details the preventive measures that an individual can take to avoid becoming a victim and the strategies that one must apply to survive a kidnapping
Reviewed in Security Management, 2/10.

Format: Hardcover


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