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Intelligent Network Video: Understanding Modern Video Surveillance Systems, 2nd Ed

Fredrik Nilsson
CRC Press
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When the first edition of Intelligent Network Video was published in 2008, the video surveillance market was still in the early phases of converging to IP-based solutions. Since then, the marketplace has seen incredible technological advances and the widespread adoption of network video solutions.
This timely, second edition presents the rapidly changing technology landscape of vastly improved image quality, better performance, and higher level of intelligence in the systems. All content has been fully revised and updated. Two new chapters cover thermal imaging and hosted video technologies. With over 50 percent more content, including nearly 400 full-color images, Intelligent Network Video, 2nd Ed, is an invaluable reference for industry professionals who want to understand the latest technological advancements in modern video surveillance systems.
It provides the latest details on industry hardware, software, and networking capabilities of the latest cameras and DVRs. It addresses in full detail updated specifications on MPEG-4 and other digital video formats, resolution advantages of analog v. digital, intelligent video capabilities, frame rate control, and indoor/outdoor installations factors. New chapters include cloud computing, standards, and thermal cameras.
Key Features
  • Explains the benefits of digital CCTV over analog video to best maximize networking scalability and video storage capabilities
  • Addresses cutting-edge advances in intelligent video design and its capabilities versus standard digital video
  • Offers the latest specifications on advances in cameras, DVRs, and networking features in IP-based security surveillance and remote monitoring applications
  • Considers many real-world applications and cases
  • Includes new chapters on cloud computing, network video standards, and the latest thermal camera developments
Format: Hardcover


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