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Inside Internal Affairs: An In-Depth Look at the People, Process & Politics

John F. Hein, CPP
Looseleaf Law Publications, Inc.
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In this candid and thorough book, highly seasoned military and civilian police IA expert John F. Hein, CPP, takes a focused look at:
  • Defining the realms of responsibility of agencies, investigators, officers, and the public
  • Uncovering and recognizing the "many faces" of corruption
  • Dealing with the media
  • The best method for avoiding problem employees right from the start
  • The "Code of Silence" - Is it real?
  • The implications of the citizen/law enforcement/industrial complex and its impact on complaints against police
  • Tips from big corporate business that can help IA professionals
  • Issues and challenges associated with the "new generation" of police officers
The book is thoroughly researched and replete with footnotes and additional resources, and those working in the profession or with some responsibility for an internal affairs organization will find it enlightening. It describes the function from top to bottom and how various forms of corruption can become a problem in an organization and how to recognize corruption before it becomes a dominant theme in an organization.

It also discusses the role of unions, the role of senior management, and how individuals within an organization may see their role and how they interact with internal agency investigators. It also contains summaries of numerous court decisions that can be significant to law enforcement. Each chapter also contains “Case Study Questions” and suggested reading material for those who may want more information.

Reviewed in Security Management, 10/13.

Format: Softcover

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