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Informants and Undercover Investigations: A Practical Guide to Law, Policy, and Procedure

Dennis G. Fitzgerald
CRC Press
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Informants are an invaluable aspect of criminal investigations, but they present certain management issues. Many are felons between prison sentences and in the necessarily clandestine world they inhabit, the imposition of institutional control presents unique challenges. Lack of training and communication among law enforcement professionals tend to condemn the same errors to be repeated time and again. Shedding light on a shadowy issue, Informants and Undercover Investigations provides law enforcement officials, legal professionals, and criminal justice training institutions a valuable, single source reference. Offering clear explanation of applicable laws, policies, and procedures, this work:
  • Explores pertinent Supreme Court, federal, and, state cases
  • Addresses the pitfalls and challenges of handling informants, including recruitment, documentation, corroboration, electronic surveillance, and witness security
  • Covers the U.S. Attorney General’s guidelines, as well as the FBI, IRS, DEA, and local policy for the use of informants
  • Provides guidance at all levels, from basic search warrant cases to complex criminal investigations
  • Includes the most current data regarding informant motivations, such as mitigated sentencing and monetary compensation.
Reviewed in Security Management, 10/09.

Format: Hardcover


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