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Implementing and Developing Cloud Computing Applications

David E. Y. Sarna
CRC Press
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From small start-ups to major corporations, companies of all sizes have embraced cloud computing for the scalability, reliability, and cost benefits it can provide. It has even been said that cloud computing may have a greater effect on our lives than the PC and dot-com revolutions combined.

Filled with comparative charts and decision trees, Implementing and Developing Cloud Computing Applications explains exactly what it takes to build a robust, secure, and highly scalable cloud computing applications in any organization. Covering the major commercial offerings currently available, it provides authoritative guidance through the implementation process. It puts cloud computing into historical context and considers how cloud computing affects project management, budgeting, and lifecycle management in your organization. It also explains how to:
  • Choose the best combination of platforms, tools, and services
  • Develop new cloud applications from scratch
  • Migrate legacy software
  • Prevent lock-in to a single vendor
  • Estimate costs and benefits
  • Address reliability, availability, and security concerns
  • Use interclouding, Cloud Brokers, and other techniques for safely deploying in public, private, and hybrid clouds
  • Take advantage of the latest developments, including OpenStack
From software and testing tools to best practices and service providers, this book considers the entire cloud application environment. It details the platforms currently available, tools that facilitate development, as well as the costs involved. This complete resource includes case studies that illustrate the latest cloud computing technologies, implementation issues, and recently developed solutions. It also provides access to a blog to help keep you current on the latest developments in cloud computing.

Format: Hardcover


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