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Digging for Disclosure: Tactics for Protecting Your Firm's Assets from Swindlers, Scammers, and Imposters

Kenneth S. Springer and Joelle S. Scott
FT Press
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Financial crimes and scandals constantly victimize sophisticated companies, investors, executives, and business deal-makers. Whether you’re planning a major investment, a corporate acquisition, or merger, you can’t afford to have it happen to you. In this book, the leaders of a world-class corporate investigations firm show you exactly how to protect yourself from financial fraud.

Kenneth Springer and Joelle Scott draw on decades of experience as investigators working for top clients. They present dozens of stunning stories of real-world financial malfeasance, as well as powerful lessons and techniques for recognizing the signals of fraud, and successfully exposing it. You’ll discover little-known databases for uncovering what corporate criminals don’t want you to know—and how to go beyond the Internet to find crucial information that only exists offline.
Springer and Scott show how to “think like a swindler” to track down fraud both before and after a transaction; gather crucial competitive intelligence; find hidden assets such as co-op real estate; uncover foreign criminal convictions; understand a potential borrower’s true financial situation; perform background checks on corporations; and even investigate the potential involvement of organized crime.

You can’t afford not to know who you’re dealing with. Digging for Disclosure will help you make sure you do—always.

Reviewed in Security Management, 1/13.

Format: Hardcover

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