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Developing and Managing Physical Security Programs

John C. Cholewa, CPP
Infinity Publishing
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When an organization does not have a security program in place and a security incident occurs, it suddenly becomes an emergency to establish one. Frequently, the Director of Facilities, Human Resources, or Finance is assigned that task. This individual is faced with a challenge because he or she may know essentially nothing about physical security. The approach will likely be to contact a supplier of security services or products to identify the appropriate course of action. The likely result is that security officers and cameras are put in place.  
However, security officers and cameras are not security; they are security tools. They may or may not be the right tools given the security issues facing the business. And even if they are the right tools, it is possible they are not being utilized correctly. Worse yet, the business may not even be addressing the most critical risks it faces as it is simply reacting to a recent incident.
Developing and Managing Physical Security Programs is designed to help non-security managers who have responsibility for a physical security program, whether they are responsible for:
  • Starting a new program;
  • Managing a security professional responsible for an existing security program; or
  • Evaluating recommendations from security vendors and consultants.
This book provides tips, key points, and a wealth of hard-earned knowledge necessary for avoiding pitfalls when establishing and/or managing a security program for a business. It suggests ways of thinking about security that will be useful in understanding not only what needs to be done and how it needs to be done, but also why it needs to be done.
By applying the knowledge gained from this book, the non-security manager will significantly improve the chances of implementing, managing, or overseeing a program that is both effective in controlling  security risks and challenges facing the business, and efficient in the use of the organization’s resources.
Format: Softcover


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