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Blindsided: A Manager's Guide to Crisis Leadership, 2nd Ed

Bruce T. Blythe
Rothstein Publishing
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In this new edition, Bruce Blythe uses real-world examples to help you absorb the specific leadership skills, split-second decision-making, and essential character required to manage all aspects of any crisis humanely and well. He grounds you in the gritty realism of response in the moment, and then walks you through the creation of a crisis preparedness program.
Part 1 covers crisis response: Blythe places you in a simulation as an unprepared manager blindsided by an active shooter loose in your building--some workers are already injured or dead. What's your next move? How do you set up teams, command centers, crisis containment, and effective communication? How can you rebuild employee spirit, cohesion, and productivity in the post-crisis "new normal?"

Part 2 covers crisis preparedness: Blythe now helps you to analyze foreseeable risks, evaluate existing controls, add new ones, and test and re-evaluate a realistic plan. Analyzing the behavior of national and world leaders, you distinguish clearly the two kinds of leaders who emerge in a crisis—the "crisis whisperer" who becomes a calm center in the storm, and the one in the "crisis red zone," worsening the situation with every word and decision.

This book is a must-have for any security and crisis manager.

Reviewed in Security Management, 6/15.

Format: Softcover


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