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Active Shooter: A Handbook on Prevention, 1st Ed

Joshua Sinai, Ph.D.
ASIS International
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Active shooter incidents have become pervasive and frequent in our society. When they occur, they often result in large numbers of fatalities and injuries to innocent civilians. The information in this handbook is intended to provide all those involved in public safety, whether law enforcement or private sector security personnel, a comprehensive understanding of this threat and how to respond, manage and, if possible, prevent it.

Beginning with a definition of active shooter incidents, the handbook then provides a chronological listing of major incidents. A six-phase framework is provided as a tool kit to explain all the phases involved in such incidents, beginning with an explanation of the mindsets of the individuals who conduct such attacks. This is intended to provide public safety personnel a diagnostic tool to identify persons in their jurisdiction who might demonstrate such warning signs before their turn to violence.

The handbook then outlines the steps active shooters take to prepare for and plan their attacks, including weapons selection and targeting, and how such attacks are executed. The handbook’s final phase outlines the response measures required to protect and evacuate those impacted by active shooter events, including how to cooperate with law enforcement and emergency medical personnel. Post-incident consequence management is also discussed. An appendix provides a self-assessment checklist tool to enable public safety personnel to ensure they are prepared to respond to such potential incidents in terms of protective procedures, systems, and training.

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