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Webinar: Soft Targets: Hardening & Protecting People from Attack (CD)

Dr. Jennifer L. Hesterman (Colonel, U.S. Air Force, retired)
ASIS International
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Everyday, somewhere in the world, a school, church, or hospital is attacked by a terrorist or insurgent group, usually one that has threatened the United States or its citizens abroad. The psychological vulnerabilities covered earlier are only part of the challenge related to protecting people from these types of heinous soft target attacks.
There are also physical vulnerabilities that make soft targets more attractive to would-be attackers—some that can be mitigated, and others that cannot. Prior to discussing individual venues, we’ll start with a strategic view of the United States to assess vulnerability of certain regions and cities, and then explore the targets themselves.
Dr. Hesterman is author of the book, Soft Target Hardening:Protecting People from Attack, and the recent winner of the 2015 Security Book of the Year. The award was presented at the 2015 annual Seminar in Anaheim. The book is available online at the ASIS store.
Recorded October 28, 2015.
CD box set; 90 minutes. This webinar may be eligible for up to two CPEs.


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