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Terror and Iraq: How We Can Better Combat Islamic Terrorism

Shimshon Issaki
Atlas Books
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More than seven years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Islamic terrorism is still a dominant force in the world: Al-Qaeda is still carrying out large-scale bombings and terrorism is a daily reality in many parts of the world. Today, virtually no country is “immune” from Islamic terrorism, despite the vast resources allocated in recent years in order to defeat it. These countermeasures have had some efficacy and impact, but are lacking. Al-Qaeda is still "alive and kicking.”
The purpose of this book, therefore, is to better equip counter-terrorism organizations, academic analysts, and concerned citizens with the insights and tools necessary to win the war on terrorism. It does so by suggesting novel and more effective methods for combating Islamic terrorism—especially that perpetrated and espoused by Al-Qaeda.

The author recommends:
  • Drying out Al-Qaeda's financial resources.
  • Toughening legislation against resident immigrants suspected of terrorist activities.
  • Discerning the weak points of Al-Qaeda, and taking advantage of them.
  • Researching areas and methods where security services can cooperate globally in intelligence and operational matters.
  • Toughening measures against states that actively support terrorism.
  • Unifying and empowering the different national apparatuses relevant to combating terrorism.
Reviewed in Security Management, 07/10.

Format: Hardcover


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