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Security Surveys

William R. Floyd
ASIS International
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In today’s world, every business, large and small, faces enormous challenges. Many businesses fail to survive due to economic, quality, and/or poor managerial reasons. Many more fail, however, due to losses suffered from external and internal sources, i.e., theft, interruption of operations, personnel problems, liability problems (such as those brought about by violence in the workplace). To protect their assets, business managers must develop adequate security measures and programs that will counter the many risks with which they are confronted. Customers, visitors, and employees alike are seeking and receiving damages from businesses that are negligent in providing adequate security, or in failing to foresee and prevent crime, injury, and loss. The most common and the most reliable tool for determining adequacy and foreseeability is the security survey.

Security Surveys will help you protect your company’s assets. You will learn what data must be gathered and studied prior to actually visiting a site and conducting the survey, and how best to analyze the security features of your property, structures, physical features, environment, operating procedures, and internal controls.

Format: Softcover (includes CD-ROM with downloadable surveys)

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