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Introduction to International Disaster Management, 2nd Edition

Damon P. Coppola
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Introduction to International Disaster Management, Second Edition, continues to serve as the sole comprehensive overview of global emergency management. This new edition contains updated information on disaster trends as well as on management structures and advancements around the world.

The author includes changes that reflect the dual theme of the book—universal principles of global emergency management practice and advances in the field worldwide, and the disasters that have occurred in the years since the first edition was published.
All chapters include new case studies, new disaster, risk, and vulnerability data, insightful discussions of recent national and international initiatives, and of progress towards improving non-governmental organization (NGO) cooperation and professionalism. This text gives the global perspective, making it the only introductory book that is not slanted toward the emergency management system or history of a single country or region.

Key Features
  • Data and research on disasters around the world including Cyclone Nargis, the H1N1 pandemic, and the tsunami in American Samoa
  • Added material on risk management, mitigation, myths that affect behavior during crises, and post-disaster evaluation of the response
  • Commentary on the latest research in disaster management and policy studies
Reviewed in Security Management, 5/12.

Format: Hardcover

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